Costa Rica Medical Tourism

Costa Rica Medical Tourism

Why choose Costa Rica medical tourism?

No other country in the world offers such a unique combination of critical factors a patient must consider before selecting a medical travel destination. In addition to its political stability, quality of life, low cost, and reputation as a world class tourist destination, Consider the following;

Quality Medical Care

To begin with, many measurable health care standards in Costa Rica actually surpass standards in countries considered First World, including the United States. This is not a criticism of other healthcare systems around the world, it only goes to show the commitment to quality of care that Costa Rica medical tourism has to offer.

Strategic Location

Costa Rica Medical Tourism Costa Rica is in Central America, a short 3.5 hour flight from Houston, only 2.5 hours from Miami, and only 5.5 hours from New York and Los Angeles. This makes Costa Rica readily accessible from anywhere in the United States since you can either fly directly (there are 20 direct flights from the US to Costa Rica) or you can easily make a connection to and from any of the major hubs that offer non-stop flights.


Moreover, even though this is a tropical country, the temperature is actually very pleasant, averaging 72 degrees year round. Temperatures can get into the 90s, especially as you go into the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, but you can also expect pleasant evenings as the ocean breeze starts to come in. You can also expect cool evenings as you get up into the mountains, where temperatures can go into the 50′s, depending on the region.


There is only a dry season (December to April), and a rainy season (May to November), when you will have warm, dry mornings and afternoon rain showers that can extend into the early evening. There can be cool evenings during the dry season, especially in December and January, and the temperature can actually drop into the 50s and even high 40s if you are up in the mountains.

Time Zone

Unlike other medical travel destinations, especially Asian destinations, Costa Rica is on CST (United States Central Standard Time) or UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) -6. This makes communication back and forth much easier, and it simplifies travel since you won’t have to go across more than 10 time zones to get to your destination like you would if you were to fly to Turkey, India, or Thailand.

JCI Accreditation

Joint Commission International accreditation ensures:

  • Quality control procedures meeting international standards are in place, followed, and documented.
  • The level of patient care is raised by having to meet high quality and efficiency standards.
  • Hospitals are encouraged to show accountability, and this is especially important in a rapidly changing healthcare marketplace.

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