SmartChoice Medical Travel Giveback Benefit for Employers

Introducing the SmartChoice Medical Travel Giveback Benefit Product for Employers

Why it’s important for employers to provide SmartChoice – the new, comprehensive medical travel healthcare benefit product:

  • The SmartChoice medical travel benefit product can be added to an employer healthcare plan at ANYTIME of the year – it doesn’t have the same restrictions as traditional benefits and there is no extra cost to the employer.
  • Escalating healthcare costs and decreasing benefits make the medical travel benefit product more valuable than ever.
  • Everyone benefits – Employers take credit for offering a healthcare option that saves money for employees and potentially the employer, and employees can gain access to needed healthcare services that were previously unavailable from limited coverage.
  • The objective is the same that’s been governing employer sponsored healthcare programs for generations – Simple, low-cost, high quality healthcare services.
  • Employers suffer no additional risk or pressure on their administration departments. The medical travel benefit is fully administered by SmartCare Worldwide.

Providing high quality, affordable healthcare is the objective of every employer-sponsored health plan.  In meeting this objective, the globalization of the healthcare industry has provided new and exciting opportunities for employers to take their healthcare programs to the next level.  Medical travel, the practice of traveling to another country to receive professional medical attention at a cost lower than the country of origin, can open new doors to healthcare services for employees and retirees without adding to the cost or reducing the overall quality of care in your healthcare benefit program.  In fact, when incorporated with a well-designed benefit plan, the medical travel benefit product can actually reduce healthcare costs!

SmartCare Worldwide can help you design a plan of benefits with the right incentives to give you a competitive edge in your employee and retiree healthcare benefit program.  With over 30 years of experience in the design, funding and administration of employee benefit plans, the professionals at SmartCare Worldwide can work with you to develop a truly world class approach to providing employee and retiree benefits.

ABC News Video: U.S. Employers Are Turning to Medical Travel During Healthcare Reform

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SmartChoice: The “Anytime” Giveback Benefit for Employees

Our flexible employer-sponsored medical travel healthcare benefit, SmartChoice, can be implemented as quickly as in 30 days, at ANY point during the plan year.  SmartCare Worldwide fully administers the benefit so it’s no extra burden on an employer’s administrative or customer service departments.

Employers receive the credit for what many are calling  a concrete solution to increasing costs and decreasing benefits, and the ideal mid-year healthcare benefit give-back for employees.

Why our SmartChoice benefit is good for Employers:

  • SmartChoice can be added at any time, having no affect on the tax, admin and payroll reasons why employers don’t change benefits mid-year
  • There is no cost to adding the medical travel healthcare benefit to your employee benefits program – A “no-cost” added benefit may be the preventive medicine employees need before having to absorb healthcare reform
  • In many cases, healthcare expenses can be reimbursed from already existing tax-advantaged spending accounts.
  • There are no regulatory or accounting issues – Medical travel does not alter or impact your cafeteria plan
  • Employers take credit for “giving back,” providing increased benefits during time of frequent reductions
  • Follows the current healthcare trend of requiring more personal responsibility on healthcare purchases
  • Is no added risk to the employer and requires no additional administrative resources
  • Cost savings

Why our SmartChoice benefit is good for Employees:

  • They can receive important procedures and/or treatments that were previously financially out of reach, due to limited coverage
  • Everything is potentially paid for except airfare
  • With the summer vacation period, needed medical care can be combined with a world class vacation – Employees enjoy a trip to the popular vacation destination of Costa Rica
  • It shows appreciation – benefits act as a reward from employer(s)
  • Cost savings


Why choose SmartCare Worldwide?

  • Each of our executives & principals have over 25 years of experience in the employer benefit & healthcare insurance industry.
  • We’re the first in the industry to create a real solution to the rising cost of healthcare.
  • We’re the first in the industry to partner with one of the 5 major healthcare insurance companies, Cigna.
  • We’ve negotiated access to some of the best prices for medical procedures.
  • We’re a reliable MT facilitator with staff on-site outside the U.S., providing 24-hour care for medical travelers.
  • Our on-staff Medical Director oversees the program.

In addition, SmartCare Worldwide will manage the SmartChoice benefit product for your employees and retirees from start to finish with pre-travel consultations and after travel follow up.  With SmartCare Worldwide you can be assured that every healthcare provider in our network is properly credentialed and has been personally interviewed by our administration, medical staff or healthcare partners.  We specialize in connecting people in need of healthcare with the highest quality doctors, dentists, and cosmetic surgeons outside of the U.S.

Employer sponsored plans cannot be reasonably expected to provide unlimited coverage for every medical and dental procedure.  Often, specific procedures may not be available to your covered employees in the locations they live and work.  This is where medical travel and the new medical travel benefit product can support your employees and retirees with low cost, high quality alternatives.


Procedures available through the new SmartChoice Medical Travel healthcare benefit product:

In addition, even procedures covered in full by your benefit plan might be more attractive and far less expensive if they can be provided internationally, saving both the employee and benefit plan a substantial amount of money.

If you would like to find out more about Smartcare Worldwide and how we can help you incorporate our SmartChoice medical travel benefit into your employee and retiree health benefit plans, contact us today at 1-855-762-8227 or by filling out our contact form.